Let’s Meet in the Middle

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 What SpiralMethod and Jeep’s 2021 Super Bowl Commercial Have in Common

by Leslie Jones, SpiralMethod Founder

This year, more than 96 million people watched the Super Bowl. I wasn’t one of them.

Truth: I never watch the Super Bowl unless there’s a party, and only then I watch for the commercials. Aside from being incredibly creative and entertaining, Super Bowl commercials have become an effective form of intentional communication. (At $5.5 million per 30 seconds, that’s some pricey intention.) And this year, because I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, I almost missed what may be one of the best examples of intentional communication ever produced: Jeep’s “The Middle.” 

If you haven’t seen it, check it out now. I’ll wait.

The two-minute spot features Bruce Springsteen and is nothing short of our new American anthem. With a message to “the reunited States of America,” the ad evokes spirituality, conservation, and nationalism – and all the best parts of what it means to be an American. It rallies us to come together as a nation — no longer polarized by race or political party — squarely on common ground, in the middle.

And that’s what SpiralMethod is all about — uniting individuals and companies on that common ground in the middle, where we can reclaim community.

With SpiralMethod, we learn to honor that everyone’s experience is true for them. There’s nothing to disagree about. We listen, grant permission, and honor the truth rather than arguing or having an agenda. We put aside our opinions and points of view. We listen, not with our heads, but with our hearts. To be empowered to speak about your experience and what’s true for you without fear is a different way of listening – and being heard. No dualism. No party line. There’s no you versus me, us versus them. There is only we – and the realization that we are Better Together.

Once learned, SpiralMethod is a process that transforms individuals, communities, and corporate teams & cultures. (We think it’s transforming the world, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

SpiralMethod creates a safe “container” that allows us to discover something bigger than ourselves. We discover what our hearts and bodies are saying instead of our minds. Our minds are generally running the show and leading us through our lives, so when we’re Spiraling, we are getting into our hearts. In the middle is where we find the heart, the connecting point of mind and body, that common ground we crave. SpiralMethod provides a proven path to the middle where we can connect authentically and grow, as individuals and as a team and/or community. This leads to more engagement, fulfillment, better results, and enhanced lives and organizations.

I don’t know the creative minds behind Jeep’s “The Middle” commercial, but it’s encouraging to see the groundswell of desire to heal and listen and be heard so beautifully expressed in mainstream media. It is a bold message. Sure, it’s just a commercial, but it’s a call to gather in the middle to reclaim our lives, our cities, our communities, our nation. That’s the call SpiralMethod has been answering for 20 years. And I am so excited to see more and more hearts and minds joining us in the middle.

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