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We equip dynamic group leaders with simple tools to activate community, connection, and the power of collective wisdom in any group setting.


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What is SpiralMethod?

  • Have you ever been part of a peer group that was bogged down in personality conflicts and toxic group dynamics?
  • Are you a coach or consultant without the time to generate your desired revenue?
  • Do you want to broaden your impact?
  • Or worked in a team filled with unproductive meetings and frustrating office politics that are impacting the bottom line?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re in the right place!

SpiralMethod provides simple tools to make you an epic group facilitator.

We continue to lead, live and do business from our long term commitment to being an anti-racist organization.

We provide you with the tools and step-by-step process that makes your life easier and more lucrative,
while providing life-changing transformation for your clients.

SpiralMethod is a simple process by which you become more connected to yourself,
to others and to the magic of community.

There are three core outcomes that come by implementing the SpiralMethod:


SpiralMethod teaches you how to cultivate community nourishment so that all members in your group feel seen and understood. People are craving genuine community, and you can be the leader who brings this to others!



SpiralMethod is a simple and profound group process where members swiftly cultivate trust and expand capacity for effective group meetings. These key components allow your group participants to feel comfortable and supported, so that they achieve life-changing breakthroughs and transformation.


Collective Wisdom.

The power of SpiralMethod comes from learning to nurture the collective wisdom of the group. It’s not possible to do SpiralMethod alone. The group process is designed so that each participant learns from each other. This fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation.

The growth that happens for group members in a SpiralMethod meeting ripples out exponentially, affecting the wider community.


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See How SpiralMethod Positively Impacts
Group Dynamics...

“The Spiral Method has had a big impact in my men's group. The conversation gets authentic, vulnerable and effective very quickly and we have developed a strong tribe. It provides the highest level of impact I have seen in a group like this.”

-Matt Brower,
Co-Founder, Managing Partner,
Column Commercial Partners

"Of all the commitments I’ve made this year, the SpiralMethod has by far been the most enriching, satisfying and fulfilling.”

-Claire Lawlor,
MD, Resident, Tulane University

“In less than a year, SpiralMethod has transformed my communication practices. I am able to be transparent, honest, and vulnerable communicating in my family, friends, and business. The techniques and environment fostered by Leslie has helped me confront realities that used to bring fear into my conversations. Now I can face the truth in any situation without the paralyzing fear associated with uncomfortable conversations.”

-Brian Strandes,
CEO, 10 til 2

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