New Facilitation for a New World – the Art and Science of Spiraling

SpiralMethod Delivers Every Time, In Less Time.

Authentic Connections.

Reliable Outcomes.

Sustainable Results.

The most important skill you’ll ever learn. 

Whether you’re a leader of teams, a company, executive, or a facilitator, your ability to create a level of connection and trust that can break down walls and foster breakthroughs is the skill that will differentiate you most in this new era of work. 

You must learn to build trust and create the conditions for thriving human beings at a systemic level, which is larger than simply creating alignment or fixing problems. 

Building teams is a high responsibility and this vital precept applies: first do no harm. Too many people are jumping off the deep end trying to build trust without fully understanding what makes people feel safe and seen by others.

Belonging is fundamental and we must learn how to create the conditions for it, so that we don’t inadvertently cause harm to the people and teams we are trying to support. 

Systems change is the only sustainable change.

Systems are designed to produce the results they are getting, and for the most part, our global systems—education, politics, healthcare, the economy and corporations, to name a few—are not designed for or around people. But people are absolutely essential to these systems and many more.

SpiralMethod exists to help people upend the systems they care about most and replace them with something new…something people-centric, alive, connected, and full of possibility.  Most of our clients are change-makers who are trying to shift systems on many different levels. They are constantly confronting systemic limitations and barriers and working to overthrow them. We love to help these leaders play big and make big change possible in ways that lead to more life, more joy, and more fulfillment. Save the world or savor the world? Let’s do both.

SpiralMethod creates sustainability for people, organizations and missions.

It is exponentially more sustainable to learn and grow in a group experience than in one-on-one coaching or training, because it directly translates into the experiences we have every day in life and work with others. In a group, there’s a constant up-leveling and evolution that creates real sustainability and thriving. 

It was long thought that there was no place for a building community in work. Now, in this new world, a deeply connected community is essential for work to happen in a reliable way. Disconnection breeds disconnected work. Fragmentation leads to surface level interactions where people only partially show up. Connection creates connected work marked by creativity, greater potential, aligned decisions, and better outcomes. 


What People Are Saying About SpiralMethod

A far bigger vision for trust and community. SpiralMethod is like no other process or tool you’ve ever learned. To understand it, we need a new vision for what is possible in teams and communities. Think about what it actually means for a person to truly be seen and heard. When this essential human need is met in community with others, transformational change begins to happen.

“I can finally be myself.”

“What a relief. I don’t have to pretend anymore.” 

“(Exhale) I can breathe again.”

 “I feel valued.”

When we are seen, we can know one another. 
When we know one another, we can trust one another.
When we trust one another, we are free to be ourselves.
When we can be ourselves, we can finally completely be present in our own lives.
Being present creates a holistic, inclusive environment where all people fully show up. 
It’s magic
The magic of being present in work and life.
Work can be astounding when we are fully human with one another, not in a way that is lax, lazy, and full of excuses for why we behave the way we behave. 
A person who is fully present can access their own agency in powerful ways, and they are free to show up to make their particular contribution. When they aren’t stifled in a trustless environment or because they’re only half there, it is limited. What we need is people living in their sweet spot, showing up fully, for the maximum benefit of all. 
A present person in a trusting environment can:
Be present.
Receive feedback.
Gain perspective.
Stop tolerating.
Start deciding.
Take action. 
Enjoy the moment. 
Ride the waves of life more fluidly, with less resistance.
Shed the weights and burdens that hold them back.
Humanity needs this. And let’s be honest, you need this and so does your team. We all grapple with the same things and life is so short. There’s more available to us as human beings. 

SpiralMethod’s results are transformational.

The most common phrase we hear in the testimonials we receive is: “I am a better person because of these ‘spriling’ experiences.” We love that. Because isn’t that what really matters most? 

New Facilitation for a new world equips leaders, companies and facilitators to:

  • Declutter to create a clean space for connection
  • Develop trust
  • Hold the container to maintain a sense of safety and trust
  • Foster curiosity rather than personal agendas
  • Be intentional in our responses rather than automatic 
  • Work through issues for reliable forward movement
  • Facilitate discussions where every voice is heard
  • Navigate conflict
  • Go deeper over time
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Who is SpiralMethod for? 

SpiralMethod works exclusively with people who are serious about creating systems for human beings to thrive in—to whatever end that matters to them. 

Our clients learn a new facilitation for a new world that they can competently and consistently use to transform their environments, decrease isolation, create change and make work and life with others far more fulfilling. Results are at the forefront of what is created through our work, because the best cultures are both high connection and high results. In fact, high connection is the path to high results.

We are on a mission to change the way people live and work in community with others, so our ideal clients are:

  • Leaders who are creating systems change at a national or global scale
  • Companies that want to bring SpiralMethod into their entire organization
  • Leadership organizations or communities that want to train groups of leaders 
  • Leaders who want to bring SpiralMethod into teams of 10 or more
  • Facilitators who want to learn SpiralMethod with groups of 10 or more

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