People want authenticity and connection, but are asking, “How?” 



SpiralMethod is a simple and profound group process where members swiftly cultivate trust and expand capacity.


Community, education, and structure, the key components of transformation, are embedded in the SpiralMethod’s comprehensive scope. 



The growth that happens for group members in a SpiralMethod meeting ripples out exponentially, affecting their wider community.

SpiralMethod is a process by which we become more connected to self, other, the magic of community, and the mystery of being alive.

Peer groups bogged down in personality conflicts, working teams mired in tedious and unproductive meetings, and schools in need of healing in our troubled times; no matter what group dynamic you’re a part of, authentic connection is what is needed to move forward.

Community Group Leaders

Are your groups feeling stuck or personality issues getting in the way?


Coaches & Consultants

Not enough time to generate to your desired revenue? Want to broaden your impact?

Business Leaders & Executives

Frustrated by inefficient meetings, office politics and the impact on the bottom line?

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What people are saying

“The Spiral Method has had a big impact in my men's group. The conversation gets authentic, vulnerable and effective very quickly and we have developed a strong tribe. It provides the highest level of impact I have seen in a group like this.”

- Matt Brower, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Column Commercial Partners

"Of all the commitments I’ve made this year, the SpiralMethod has by far been the most enriching, satisfying and fulfilling.”

-Claire Lawlor, MD, Resident, Tulane University

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