SpiralMethod- New Facilitation for a New World

Transform The Organizations Who Hire You Through This Powerful Experience of “Spiraling”


Whether you’re a leader of teams, a company, executive, or a facilitator, your ability to create a level of connection and trust that can break down walls and foster breakthroughs is the skill that will differentiate you most in this new era of work.

You must learn to build trust and create the conditions for thriving human beings at a systemic level, which is larger than simply creating alignment or fixing problems.

Building teams is a high responsibility and this vital precept applies: first do no harm. Too many people are jumping off the deep end trying to build trust without fully understanding what makes people feel safe and seen by others.

Belonging is fundamental and we must learn how to create the conditions for it, so that we don’t inadvertently cause harm to the people and teams we are trying to support.

Does your environment lack safety and innovation?

Unable to generate solutions in a group setting?

Team Collaboration and Inclusiveness lacking?

Trust and Accountability absent in your group culture?

Team members lack a sense of belonging and purpose

If so, you need to become a Certified SpiralMethod Facilitator and learn the art and science of “Spiraling.”


SpiralMethod is an intuitive and powerful group facilitation practice that has been designed to cut to the heart of any matter. Within a SpiralMethod session, leaders and team members are properly set up to work through high-stake conversations and to effectively generate solutions by practicing the art of speaking with honesty, asking thought-provoking questions, and listening with curiosity to remove the barriers that prevent teams from advancing. This profound practice creates a safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment built upon a strong foundation of trust and accountability and develops a learning culture that promotes individual creativity and innovation.


  • Master the SpiralMethod to unlock trust and psychological safety within the organizations you consult
  • Disrupt modern-day cycles of expediency and polarization to create upward spirals of connection and action
  • Understand how to effectively move toward the heat of authentic conversation while honoring others and fostering emotional awareness
  • Practice the art of speaking with honesty, asking thought-provoking questions, and listening with curiosity to remove the barriers that prevent teams from advancing
  • Create more connected teams and communicate in ways that transcend digital and analog worlds, leading with empathy and authority

How We Support You:

  • Two day virtual program led by SpiralMethod Creator, Leslie Jones
    • Access to presenter slides so you can refer to them with your notes
  • Access to an active community for networking and connection with other SpiralMethod Certified Facilitators
  • Once per month community training and practice calls
  • Access to robust facilitator online resources so you can facilitate SpiralMethod with confidence
  • SpiralMethod Certified Facilitator Badge to add to your email signature and website


 is a mixture of Spiraling, Training, Processing and Practice.

  • We will Spiral 3 times during the two days each one having a different theme/focus and you having your attention on something different as part of your learning.
  • You will be in breakout rooms a few times during the training, getting practice leading Spirals.
  • You will learn how to lead all 3 SpiralMethod games and be ready to Spiral your groups after the 2 days.
  • There are Training sections throughout where we teach you the key concepts of Spiraling and of the 3 games so you fully understand Why, How, What of the games and how to ensure their effectiveness.
  • You will develop an understanding of an emerging, new type of small group facilitation, which is about holding space and creating a solid container. The outcome is that the group collective wisdom is not only accessible, but sustainable over time with exponential growth and impact.
  • You will develop yourself as a Facilitator and become more comfortable with yourself as a leader, and your capacity to lead others into their brilliance.

Don’t worry! There’s plenty of time for processing all of the above.  It’s highly interactive and all of your questions will be answered.  You will be ready to apply SpiralMethod in a way that is right for you.

Plus, you will walk away with a new community of friends and co-creators.  Hands down, people say they got WAY more than they expected and because of the value and new relationships, wish we could spend more time together too!

Online learning • 8-months of customized group coaching calls twice/month • Advanced exercises • Deeper dive into the games. Bonus content. 

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