Advance your Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategies with the SpiralMethod

Advance your Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategies with the SpiralMethod 1280 720 Leslie Jones

This is the second blog in a three-part series about the transformative power of human connection to build community and unleash collective wisdom in a volatile world. If you’re just catching up, here’s the first blog. 

The events of 2020 illuminated important, long-time issues related to systemic social and racial injustice. A movement for change and activism are rightfully pushing organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals to think more holistically about the roles they play in strengthening commitments to needed solutions—for which they will be held to account by employees, customers, and other critical stakeholders. 

For leaders, creating meaningful, long-term inclusion, equity and diversity strategies that drive substantive change require difficult, often uncomfortable, conversations. At a moment when every word we say is scrutinized, criticized, and even publicized, fear of saying the wrong thing can become paralyzing and prevent important progress. Yet, one thing is certain: we cannot advance if we are not talking.

What if you could push yourself and your team toward the heat of these conversations, rather than avoiding them out of fear? 

Move Toward the Heat of Today’s Conversations

SpiralMethod gives leaders simple tools to create “containers” for leading difficult conversations that let people safely communicate, and even misstep. The right ground rules, including setting up a clear beginning and end, ensure, even if a conversation gets messy, your organization will be better for it in the end. 

SpiralMethod equips your leadership team with simple, “ground-up” group practices that activate community and human connection, organically, to:

  • Lift the rug. What are your cultural blind spots? Root causes? You cannot create solutions until you identify and understand the problem(s).
  • Declutter. Clear what is under the rug to create more freedom and efficiency to progress. 
  • Expand capacity for sensation. For many of us, current events translate to high stress and depleted resources. Rather than fight, flight or freeze when facing conflict, learn to productively move toward the heat.
  • Remember how to be human, together. Embed the timeless values of listening curiously and speaking honestly within your team. Set aside righteousness and honor shared human experiences to raise emotional awareness and create trust. 
  • Supersede opinion-based conversations. Redirect conversations weighed down by opinion in favor of seeking common ground, reflection, and collaboration.
  • Balance love with results. These things do not, and should not, live in conflict. Cultivating soft skills and heart-centered leadership in the workplace improve loyalty, engagement, productivity, and innovation—all of which improve your bottom line, especially in an unpredictable world. 


Become SpiralMethod Certified and Begin to Transform Your Organization

Whether you are tackling (DEI) diversity, equity, and inclusion—or addressing other cultural or structural challenges and conversations in the modern workplace—becoming SpiralMethod Facilitation certified is a cost-effective way to help you create a thriving team environment with ease.

Rather than bring in outside “organizational transformation” consultants to work atop your culture, SpiralMethod allows you, as a change-maker, to create a cultural groundswell from within your organization and, in time, your culture handles itself. 


In practice, SpiralMethod creates movement in your company with:

  • Improved employee and team cohesion, performance, and engagement;
  • Less bureaucracy and more collaboration;
  • Productive yet managed employee activism;
  • Invention and creativity to solve today’s challenges; and
  • A purpose-aligned culture to build your brand.


Using a blend of art and science, SpiralMethod equips you—and, with more use, your organization— with timeless techniques to:

  • Ask thought-provoking questions;
  • Listen with curiosity;
  • Speak honestly;
  • Model vulnerability;
  • Share, understand and move beyond feelings toward productivity; and
  • Lead productive conversation and debates.


Our Virtual Certification Training is Held Twice a Year 

If you, or members of your team, seek to drive change in your organization and would benefit from these skills, sign up for our next certification training. 

For $1,950 per participant, our two-day, immersive, peer-based Facilitator Certification program offers experiential learning and practice sessions with coaching, a certification stamp, and access to the SpiralMethod Facilitator Network for life. 

Your people will gain simple, high-impact, and timeless practices that raise emotional awareness, honor others, and build trust to shape a thriving, healthy culture on the above results—and without “organizational transformation” consultants atop your organization. 



About SpiralMethod

SpiralMethod offers simple, high-impact practices that help you master the blended art and science of unlocking human connection. We focus on communication and interactive community practices. There are no burdensome methodologies, tests, or binders. Our practices and tools are intuitive and timeless, so you realize change faster and more sustainably, even in a fast-paced world. 


Complimentary Consult

Unsure if SpiralMethod Certification training is right for you? Get a complementary consultation with our founder and CEO, Leslie Jones, to understand how SpiralMethod may be able to help your organization.