The Connection Challenge

The Connection Challenge 150 150 Leslie Jones

Introducing the SpiralMethod Connection Challenge

I’m wondering if you are feeling like you or your groups are floating out there a bit? And would you like to get your groups connected AND serve others?

I am talking with people all day every day, and those people are connected to a lot of other people and people. From what I’m hearing there are two groups right now.  Some that are pretty calm, and a larger group, about 60%, are not doing so well. Ranging from not wanting to get out of bed, working way too much, overwhelmed between work and kids, not having a schedule, fear or even terror….and a longing to be able to hug and congregate with each other again.  

All, or at least most, of our normal structures for social interaction and communing have disappeared.

Most of us are starting to come to terms with the fact that a whole new way of socializing is upon us, and it’s probably going to last a lot longer than we’d thought or would like.

Social interaction, 1:1 and IN community/larger groups, is a basic and fundamental human need. 

So we have to get creative NOW to ensure that need for community gets met. 

I see people going to work on that with virtual happy hours and other zoom gatherings, cake making contests, dance offs, etc. 

I assert that that’s not enough.

We need to be seen and heard, share our stories, witness each other’s experience to fill that need. Especially right now!

This was missing for most people prior to Covid. And with Covid the gaps in our lives are much more glaring. 

I’m Leslie Jones. I’m on a mission to end the Disconnection Gap.  

I want to give you a tool that we use in SpiralMethod to help you facilitate conversations, in a bite size, easy to lead format, to guide conversations that bring that depth of connection and deeply serve. You can use this immediately.  You can use this with friends, family, your team… any small group you’re already part of, or would like to create! 

This is called the Finish the Sentence Game and is very simple.

  1. Gather the people (I recommend limiting it to 8 if you are doing zoom).
  2. Let them know you have a swift way to get everyone connected if they’re open, before diving into any other plans that you have (it’s ok if this is the only you do too!)
  3. Ask for confidentiality and get agreement
  4. Tell everyone the way to play is be vulnerable and get to the heart of the matter, answering the questions briefly, being, precise in their answers
  5. Ask the following questions and go around in a predetermined order:
  • What is the primary feeling you’ve been having this past week?
  • What is your stress level right now on a scale of 1-10?
  • What’s your biggest concern as you look to the future?
  • What are you learning about yourself?
  • What do you need that is not getting fulfilled?
  • Do you have any requests for the group?
  • Do you have any offers for the group?
  • What are you proud of?

Oh, and YOU PLAY TOO, and YOU demonstrate vulnerability!

Once you finish, you can all decide how to proceed.  There may be important conversations to have now that were identified in the Finish the Sentence game.  Perhaps someone needs some extra attention. Maybe there’s some creating to do. Likely you will want to schedule another time to do this again! You will all decide together what’s next now that you are all connected.

Feel free to modify these questions as well.

What’s most important is that you follow the format and there’s equal “floor” time for everyone in the room. 

My challenge for you is to gather a small group, trust yourself, and go for it!  Then share back with us on the Connection Revolution Facebook page how it went! 

I’m finding the people that are learning these tools are relieved to have a way to show up and serve their communities.

Love this game and want to go deeper? We are working on a web-based training for you right now to give you the tools to do just that. 

Go ahead and sign up with your name and email on the link below to ensure you are notified when it’s available.  If you have any specific questions, you can also send us a direct email.