My Process

My Process 1280 720 Leslie Jones

My process

The past week was rough
I have felt grief larger than my own
A physiological response of fear for the virus (like holding my breath at the store)
A fear of what if we don’t actually change from this disruption
A relief that the “normal” way of life has stopped
A deep trust of the perfection of it all
An excitement that this is the disruption many of us have been waiting for
An intense pressure to move quickly to share the tools I have with the world

A prompt for curiosity
Is this pressure simply my own trauma response?
the one where leading helps one deal with the disruption
Or the one where we want to save people as part of our own reaction to trauma
Or keeping busy to avoid the discomfort of the collapse, the ambiguity, the stillness
(I know all of these intimately from numerous past traumas where these were my primary responses)

Or even wondering if I’m trying to leverage this opportunity to make money

Clarity this weekend
It’s none of the above

In fact
I don’t want to save people from the loss of all that we know
I don’t want to stop the collapse (of the institutions that harm us more than help)
I don’t want to help people feel less pain
The more pain the better actually in my humble opinion
Let the illusion shattering happen!
The faster we all let this process happen the faster we’ll be ready to create our new world together
Hang on to nothing so we truly start from scratch
We have no idea what’s possible
This is both scary and exciting

What IS true for me is that I have spent my life designing systems OUTSIDE of the rat race. Ways of being and operating in community that support the Revolution and help us connect, mobilize, create and innovate our new world. One small pocket or group at a time. Finally.

Spirit has been guiding me very clearly, sometimes subtly and sometimes loudly, this past year in creating an infrastructure to be able to share these systems with many

In December I had a dream – Connection Revolution – It was an urgent and exciting experience. A knowing

This Revolution has been underway long before COVID came to us