What is SpiralMethod?

SpiralMethod is a simple yet powerful group facilitation practice for leaders, coaches, and consultants who want to gain more productivity and alignment within the groups they serve.

As change makers with over 25 years of experience building and leading groups, we help leaders like you…

  • Confidently manage group dynamics.
  • Build swift trust and vulnerability among your groups.
  • Learn to cultivate deep connections and enhance collaboration among group members to uncover collective wisdom.
  • Create a connected community and communicate in ways that transcend digital and analog worlds, leading with empathy and authority.

“The Spiral Method has had a big impact in my men's group. The conversation gets authentic, vulnerable and effective very quickly and we have developed a strong tribe. It provides the highest level of impact I have seen in a group like this.”

-Matt Brower, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Column Commercial Partners

Implementing SpiralMethod Facilitation

When you become a Certified SpiralMethod Facilitator you’ll learn new group facilitation practices, grounded in time-honored principles, that break modern-day cycles of expediency and polarization to create upward spirals of connection and action.

You will understand how to effectively move toward the heat of authentic conversation while honoring others and fostering emotional awareness.

As we work together, you will participate in live, peer group experiences to learn practices that – when used on an everyday basis – nurture connection and unlock trust.

By the time our work together is done, you'll practice the art of speaking with honesty, asking thought-provoking questions, and listening with curiosity to remove the barriers that prevent communities from advancing. 

You will develop a nourishing and strong community, but in the process you also become part of one too - a community of support that propels you forward into more impactful leadership.

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Greater Impacts of SpiralMethod

Once you learn and implement the SpiralMethod practice in your own group setting, you’ll see how each session builds upon each concept, skill, and level of awareness, allowing members to spiral up again and again, sparking rapid growth and transformation.

This ripple effect continues and creates lasting impact within the personal and professional lives of all that are connected through this work.

Experience SpiralMethod

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