SpiralMethod Executive Coaches work intimately with your company’s leadership team to uncover the unspoken obstacles that block trust and prevent peak performance. Our Team & Culture Program helps organizations transcend challenges as it provides a safe container for them to transform and succeed.



Ready to get to the heart of the matter? This curated program is designed specifically for CEOs and their leadership teams who are willing to dig deep and establish a new level of authenticity and trust within their organization.


Program Benefits:

  • Create an inclusive and collaborative environment built on a foundation of trust, accountability, and a learning culture that promotes innovation and creativity
  • Develop deeper, more meaningful, and engaging relationships
  • Learn how to remove obstacles that interfere with high-performance
  • Increase employee retention
  • Gain greater agility and creative thinking
  • Nurture authentic communication skills for high-stakes conversations
  • Provide team members with a safe container to share feedback

Program Overview:

  • Overseen by SpiralMethod founder, Leslie Jones,
  • Six, 2.5-hour online SpiralMethod sessions per month for three months.
  • Two enrollments into the year-long SpiralMethod Facilitator Training
  • Pre- and post-program surveys for all attendees

Program Qualifications:

  • Team size consists of 4-12 key leaders who are committed to future growth, including the CEO
  • Must have mid-range (not broken, but not thriving) organizational health that is committed to improvement
  • CEO participation in the program and collaboration with SpiralMethod throughout the three-month program in order to receive feedback and direction
  • CEO support of team members additive professional development
  • CEO commitment to the wellbeing of their people, and dedicated to inspiring results through team engagement and growth. Must desire to grow their own leadership capacity

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