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Some of you have joined 1:1 coaching, peer/social groups or corporate discussions promising to be “authentic” but you left wanting more and questioning your return because of the group dynamics, challenges with different communication styles, and awkward feelings with taboo topics.

Our founder dedicated the last 25 years of her life to developing a reliable methodology that has been earth-moving, life-changing, healing, restorative, and a massive propelling force for people personally and professionally.

Those who have experienced the SpiralMethod were inspired to immediately implement it in their social clubs, board rooms, campfire chats, corporate meetings, family dinner tables, religious communities, schools, and any other group dynamic they’re a part of; the The SpiralMethod creates a lasting impact for everyone.

After only a few hours in a SpiralMethod session, I felt empowered to declutter my mind and spirit.  You have taught me how to be present, think clearly, and believe in myself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in this type of circle. With my deepest gratitude,”

-Maie A. St. John, M.D., Ph.D.

See for yourself what a genuine, transformative, safe, and fun community group feels like.


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