SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification


SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification


Become an Agent of Change in the
Connection Revolution

You want to feel confident facilitating conversations with your clients that go deeper and
really take their experience with you to the next level.

You desire to build and lead peer groups with conversations that bring
connection, community, and change in the evolving online and offline world.

But more than anything you are looking for a community of leaders that you learn from
and leverage for more impact.

As change makers with over 25 years of experience with coaching and leading interactive communities that lead to personal transformation and sustainable change,
we understand that you...

  • Want to leverage your work to make a bigger impact on the world; 
  • Enjoy leading groups, but crave community with deep conversation and connection; you know more is possible;
  • Have struggled with group dynamics in the past with drama, egos, and power dynamics;
  • Need simple techniques that help solve these group problems, encourage innovation, and creativity;
  • Desire a practice that’s easy to set up and produces consistent results for your clients.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

In fact, it’s the story of many of the coaches, consultants and facilitators that have gone through the SpiralMethod facilitation training program.

As community leaders, ourselves, we understand how important it is for you to get the best results and create the deepest transformations with your clients.

Because when you do, the referrals will continue to come to you, naturally.

You know people are craving genuine community right now and there’s power in leading groups to leverage your time and impact.

But you’re not sure how to get there.

That’s where the SpiralMethod Certification
comes in.

The SpiralMethod is an easy and impactful tool for leaders who want to be an agent of change in the Connection Revolution. We continue to lead, live and do business from our long term commitment to being an anti-racist organization. We help you with techniques, guidelines and methods that lead to client transformation. 

Are you tired of repeating the same conversations with your clients? Tired of wading the shallows?
Are the side conversations becoming the main event?

Have you hosted group programs in the past that haven’t worked out?
Did it turn out to be more work than you expected, with not enough of a payoff?

Perhaps you’re worried that you’re not qualified enough to be a community leader of
this caliber that facilitates lasting change and transformation with your clients.

Imagine for a moment that…

  • Your group program has dramatically increased interest and participation, while you follow a simple, yet powerful model for group facilitation. 
  • You own a successful business that you don’t have to market, because you don’t need to. Your groups become a marketing arm for you!
  • Your pipeline is always full! 
  • You have more time to do what you love, since you have a simple method for community that you can add to any program or curriculum you have.
  • You unlock the wisdom of your people to up-level your organization, break down silos and build a legacy of connection. 

The only way to get these kinds of results is to invest in yourself!

“After SpiralMethod Training I have the skills to create a group that meets regularly, supports each other and is held accountable to each other. SpiralMethod has allowed me to lead guided discussions in a safe container that enables rapid vulnerability and uncovers the truths within our hearts amongst peers.”

~ Bill Byrnes, SpiralMethod Certification Participant

SpiralMethod Online Facilitation Training

Introducing the SpiralMethod Certification Level One Training for facilitators, trainers, coaches, and consultants who are fiercely committed to community and connection, want to deepen their work, and take it to the next level.

Investment: $1,950

The live online training and certification event is happening on

Thursday, October 29th from 9 am - 4pm MDT and Friday, October 30th from 8 am - 4 pm MDT.

And there’s an Optional Business Development Session available on

Tuesday November 3rd from 9am - 12pm MDT.

The live facilitation training will take place online over Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you have Internet access.


What’s Included in the SpiralMethod Group Facilitator Training?

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  The SpiralMethod Certification Level One Training includes a step-by-step process
for creating a lifestyle income through SpiralMethod group facilitation. 

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  You’ll come away with a new system of tools to help you build community with greater depth and meaning. People are craving genuine community, and you can be the leader who brings this to others! You’ll learn how to drive epic, unforgettable group sessions.

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  The two-day training includes a live group experience, so you not only learn about developing and nourishing a strong community, but become part of one too. You’ll have opportunities for genuine connection with other coaches, consultants, leaders and executives. 

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  There will be breakout sessions for live practice sessions, so you can put what you’re learning into action. You’ll start to see that the SpiralMethod helps you get reconnected with yourself, to each other, and to something larger. 

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  You’ll learn how to map the SpiralMethod with your own tools, so you can deliver the material more effectively with minimal prep before client meetings. You just have to show up and lead versus wasting time planning and prepping. The method does the work for you! 

https://kajabi-storefronts-production.global.ssl.fastly.net/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/68020/images/BY3pnVGS06LZXiIPOVw8_Logo_Spiral_Only_Trans32.png  The learning doesn’t stop after the two days! After training is through you’ll have access to training materials and the opportunity to access ongoing online training and support.

Topics to be covered over the two-day facilitation training include:

The Agreements - Laying a Strong Foundation 

Many groups flounder without clear operating principles. You’ll learn how to lay a strong foundation with agreements that help your group stay on track with the freedom and safety to explore and grow in exciting new ways.

The Core Games - Fun, Dynamic Engagement 

You’ll experience core communication games that swiftly build trust, connection and activate collective wisdom. You’ll see first hand how these are a fun way to build dynamic engagement within your group.

The Four Guiding Principles 

As your group evolves in every session and matures over many sessions, the four guiding principles will provide you with an overarching intent and direction to help you keep the group on track and in alignment with its purpose.

Top Tier Practices for Facilitating Groups 

Whether you’re a veteran facilitator or an aspiring group leader, you’ll learn top tier practices that are uniquely powerful in activating the collective wisdom of any group.

“Secret Identity” and Other Key Transformation Distinctions 

You’ll learn many key transformation distinctions that can be layered into the group environment. This will provide you with new content to achieve growth and reflection within your group.

Closing Powerfully 

You’ll learn how to complete each SpiralMethod group meeting with power, grace and clarity, so that your members feel that sense of group belonging and are aware of what their next step is towards transformation. 

SpiralMethod Group and Business Development 

You’ll learn a simple step-by-step process to building groups that does not involve a huge marketing campaign. To dig deeper into the business development topic, we’re offering an optional add-on half-day training session that’s happening the following week on Tuesday, September 1st from 9am - 12pm MDT.  This will include clear guidelines for you on pricing, timelines and obstacles to avoid.


“If you’re willing to trust in the SpiralMethod process and maintain an open heart… the benefits for you, your family, your organization and our broader community are indispensable.”

~ Patrick Smith, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Cook Street Consulting

“ I now have the tactical tools to pair with my innate skills to facilitate groups with confidence.”

~ Matt Emerson, SpiralMethod Certification Participant

Dynamic leaders come from inspired leadership.

Our founder and CEO Leslie Jones has been studying group dynamics, participating and leading groups for 25 years across all industries and different countries. She’s worked with different goals and themes from spiritual, sexual, and business to women, men, kids, and more. 

She knows what works, what doesn’t work, and how to overcome group power dynamics, so you can build strong communities and transformational experiences for all participants. 

Leslie’s mission with the creation of SpiralMethod is to transform how you live and work together in community. SpiralMethod is a practice that can be mapped onto any group of people: students, teachers, boards, leadership teams, churches, and more. It doesn’t matter what the goals of the group are, it maps and melds to all. 

The SpiralMethod, in a nutshell, brings community, simplicity and impact. It’s time to be part of the change! All you have to do is show up, be willing to implement the guidance you receive, and you’ll start to see results right away.


Space is limited for this event and we will sell out quickly. Reserve your seat today!


*Registration for SpiralMethod Certification One Training includes enrollment in the annual Online Training Subscription, giving you access to all Training & Certification materials as well as new content, released monthly, in an effort to keep your facilitation active and relevant. The SpiralMethod program includes years of ongoing material that cannot be learned in a 2.5 day event. The subscription tees you up for continuous learning and mastery of SpiralMethod facilitation techniques over time. Billing of $99 per month begins after a FREE 14 day trial following completion of Training. You may opt out during the free trial period, or annually, within 30 days of the annual renewal date with written notice

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