What is SpiralMethod?

For companies and organizations struggling to thrive due to interpersonal communication and culture issues, SpiralMethod is nothing short of a miracle.

SpiralMethod is a simple yet powerful group facilitation practice for leaders, coaches, and consultants who want to gain more productivity and alignment within the groups they serve. As change makers with over 25 years of experience building and leading groups, we help leaders like you…

  • Confidently manage group dynamics.

  • Build swift trust and vulnerability among your groups.

  • Learn to cultivate deep connections and enhance collaboration among group members to uncover collective wisdom.

  • Create a connected community and communicate in ways that transcend digital and analog worlds, leading with empathy and authority.

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The best way to appreciate the powerful impact SpiralMethod can have within your organization is to experience it for yourself.

Our Steward

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is the founder and CEO at SpiralMethod. She’s also a master executive coach for leaders seeking a balanced, holistic approach to life and business while having a huge impact in the companies and people they lead. 

As a lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Leslie has started numerous businesses over the past 25 years including Leslie Jones Coaching, Jones Associates, Let’s Go Live, the InnerActive Institute, and SpiralMethod.

All of her businesses are based on a blend of interactive community practices that lead to personal transformation and sustainable systemic change.

As a master executive coach, Leslie helps other entrepreneurs, medium-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies uncover the underlying obstacles that prevent peak performance. 

She has developed proven systems that work to resolve issues and create dramatic increases in income, productivity, personal power, satisfaction, and work/life balance. 

She has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations and companies, which includes some of the most successful businesses in the world.

Get to Know Us

Meet the Rest of the SpiralMethod Team


As a SpiralMethod leader, certified SpiralMethod facilitator, coach, trainer, Bill brings his human connection magic to groups and individuals through transformational experiences that cultivate awareness, trust, and heart-centered leadership.

A natural-born facilitator of connection with self, others, and spirit, Bill discovered his life’s work in 2018 when he founded GoodCinema, a platform for community insight, connection, and action through interactive film and discussion experiences.


Dr. Kettelhut has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives, since 1997. Alongside his private coaching practice, Listening Is the Key, Doc continues his 20+ year affiliation with Leslie Jones, now in her capacity as the originator of the SpiralMethod. He maintains that health and meditation are crucial factors in producing these results.

Doc holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Knox College, a Master’s degree in Music from Indiana University, and a PhD in Philosophy from Temple University. Doc is an avid swimmer, and classical pianist. He counts summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2000 among his highest achievements.


Ashley has called Colorado home since 1984 when she moved here to attend the University of Colorado. Ashley is an entrepreneur and self-starter. She has worked in several industries throughout her career in both large corporations and small family-owned businesses. One of her most recent careers was co-owner of a successful restaurant with her brother. Ashley is an avid skier and enjoys hiking, golf, reading, and cooking. One of her passions is music—both creating it and listening to it.

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