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What is SpiralMethod?

SpiralMethod offers simple, high-impact practices that help you master the blended art and science of unlocking human connection. We focus on communication and interactive community practices. There are no burdensome methodologies, tests, or binders. Our practices and tools are intuitive and timeless, so you realize change faster and more sustainably, even in a fast-paced world. 

In these highly divisive times, leaders are challenged to realize the full potential of the groups they lead. While the barriers that keep us from truly connecting as humans continue to multiply, SpiralMethod refocuses leaders on the fundamentals. With simple yet powerful tools grounded in empathy, SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification helps get your communities listening and relating to one another again in ways that will start a profound ripple effect of positive change.

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Three core outcomes from implementing SpiralMethod:


SpiralMethod teaches you how to cultivate community nourishment for all members in your team, organization, or peer group to be fully seen, heard, and understood. People are craving genuine community now more than ever, and you can bring this powerful practice to the people you lead.


SpiralMethod is a simple yet profound group practice that builds swift trust and deepens connection between group members. This practice enhances collaboration and engagement, while allowing participants to be supported in asking thought-provoking questions, listening curiously, and speaking honestly.

Collective Wisdom.

The true power of SpiralMethod comes from harnessing the collective wisdom of the group. It is not possible to practice SpiralMethod alone - the group practice is designed for each participant learns from the collective, fostering creativity and innovation to solve today's challenges together.

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See How SpiralMethod Positively Impacts
Group Dynamics...

“The Spiral Method has had a big impact in my men's group. The conversation gets authentic, vulnerable and effective very quickly and we have developed a strong tribe. It provides the highest level of impact I have seen in a group like this.”

-Matt Brower,
Co-Founder, Managing Partner,
Column Commercial Partners

"Of all the commitments I’ve made this year, the SpiralMethod has by far been the most enriching, satisfying and fulfilling.”

-Claire Lawlor,
MD, Resident, Tulane University

“In less than a year, SpiralMethod has transformed my communication practices. I am able to be transparent, honest, and vulnerable communicating in my family, friends, and business. The techniques and environment fostered by Leslie has helped me confront realities that used to bring fear into my conversations. Now I can face the truth in any situation without the paralyzing fear associated with uncomfortable conversations.”

-Brian Strandes,
CEO, 10 til 2

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