Our Steward,
Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is the founder and CEO at SpiralMethod. She’s also a master executive coach for leaders seeking to want both a balanced, holistic approach to life and business while having a huge impact in the companies and people they lead. 


As a lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Leslie has started numerous businesses over the past 25 years including Leslie Jones Coaching, Jones Associates, Let’s Go Live, the InnerActive Institute, and SpiralMethod

All of her businesses are based on a blend of interactive community practices that lead to personal transformation and sustainable systemic change.

As a master executive coach, Leslie helps other entrepreneurs, medium-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies uncover the underlying obstacles that prevent peak performance. 

She has developed proven systems that work to resolve these issues and create dramatic increases in income, productivity, personal power, satisfaction and work/life balance. 

She has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations and companies, which includes some of the most successful businesses in the world:



Wells Fargo

US Bank

Merrill Lynch


Smith Barney



Money Concepts

AXA Advisors

Transforming how we live and work together in community

The first 50 years of Leslie’s life have been about growing, waking up, dancing, loving, feeling deeply, processing trauma, understanding systems, developing and connecting with her inner self, and birthing four babies (the last of which was SpiralMethod!) 

SpiralMethod came from her underlying mission to transform how we live and work together in community. What is SpiralMethod? It’s a simple and profound group practice that cultivates trust and transformation. It’s a culmination of the lessons she’s learned over the years with a strong intention to support and equip other leaders with simple tools to create heart centered connections, community and purpose in the world. 

Learn more about SpiralMethod here.

“After only a few hours with you, I felt empowered to declutter my mind and spirit. You have taught me how to be present, think clearly, and believe in myself. Everyone should be lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with you.”

-Maie St. John, M.D., Ph.D.

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