SpiralMethod Facilitator Boot Camp

Live Online Training

May 14th & 15th


Join the SpiralMethod Movement.

Bring SpiralMethod to your communities! 

Community Group Leaders

Dramatically increase interest and participation with this simple yet powerful model for group facilitation.

Coaches & Consultants

Discover how to launch and lead your own customized SpiralMethod groups, stacking your skills onto our methodology. 

Business Leaders & Executives

Unlock the wisdom of your people to up-level your organization. Break down silos & build a legacy of connection.

“If you’re willing to trust in the SpiralMethod process and maintain an open heart...the benefits for you, your family, your organization and our broader community are indispensable”

- Patrick Smith, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, Cook Street Consulting

What you'll get during the SpiralMethod Boot Camp

✓  2 days of live online group experience and training

✓  Breakout sessions for live practice sessions

✓  Genuine connection with coaches, consultants, leaders and executives

✓  Step-by-step process for creating a lifestyle income through SpiralMethod facilitation

✓  SpiralMethod training materials and the opportunity to access ongoing online training support

Live Online Training Program

May 14th & 15th 

Zoom Meeting Room with Breakout sessions

Topics Include:

The Agreements - Laying a Strong Foundation

The Core Games - Fun, Dynamic Engagement

The Four Guiding Principles 

Top Tier Practices for Facilitating Groups

"Secret Identity" & Other Key Transformational Distinctions 

Closing Powerfully

SpiralMethod Group & Business Development - Customized scheduled based on participant feedback (post boot camp)

Thurs: 10-4pm, Fri: 10-4pm


Cost: $1,950




*Registration for SpiralMethod Boot Camp includes enrollment in the annual Online Training Subscription, giving you access to all Boot Camp materials as well as new content, released monthly, in an effort to keep your facilitation active and relevant. The SpiralMethod program includes years of ongoing material that cannot be learned in a 2.5 day event. The subscription tees you up for continuous learning and mastery of SpiralMethod facilitation techniques over time. Billing of $175 per month begins after a FREE 14 day trial following completion of Boot Camp. You may opt out during the free trial period, or annually, within 30 days of the annual renewal date with written notice. 

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