Team & Culture Program

SpiralMethod's game-changing, three-month program is designed to produce significant and meaningful team & cultural change in your company. This thoughtfully curated offer has been created specifically for CEOs and their leadership teams who demonstrate both the capacity and the desire to break through to new levels of performance.

Program Overview

  • Delivered and overseen by SpiralMethod founder, Leslie Jones
  • Six, 2.5-hour online sessions per month for three months
  • One year of ongoing learning and development in our SpiralMethod™ facilitator community and program for two on your company’s internal leadership team ($16,000 value)
  • Pre- and post-program surveys for all attendees

Program Qualifications

  • Team size consists of 4-12 key leaders who are committed to future growth, including the CEO
  • Your team’s organizational health is mid-range (not broken, but not thriving) and committed to improvement
  • The CEO is willing to participate in some of the program (50% of the team meetings) and consult/partner with SpiralMethod throughout the three-demonth program (3-5 hours)
  • The CEO supports team members additive professional development
  • The CEO cares about people, drives results through team engagement and growth, and is willing to grow their own leadership skills and capacity
  • The CEO is willing to provide SpiralMethod with consistent and direct feedback throughout the program

SpiralMethod Delivers Powerful, Tangible Benefits for Your Business

  • An inclusive and collaborative environment built on a foundation of trust and accountability
  • A learning culture that promotes innovation and creativity
  • Deeper, more meaningful and engaging relationships at work
  • Removal of obstacles that interfere with high-performance teams
  • Greater retention of high-performing and high-potential team members
  • Greater agility in times of continual change, which reduces stress and yields creative thinking
  • Solid communication skills for high-stakes conversations
  • Team members who are more in control of their current and future work and more invested in their self-care
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There may never be a better opportunity to transform your company’s leadership team & culture—and your bottom line—than right now.

Create Trust

Rapidly create trust among group participants

Remove Barriers

Remove barriers and roadblocks that hinder decision making

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Boost productivity and your improve your bottom line

A message from our Founder
Leslie Jones

SpiralMethod “Master” & Founder

At SpiralMethod, we believe in the promise of “better together.” We quickly and efficiently equip leaders to create the kind of healthy culture and highly successful, productive teams you’ve always dreamed of, but never thought possible...until now.

In these highly divisive times, leaders are challenged to realize the full potential of the groups they lead. While the barriers that keep us from truly connecting as humans continue to multiply, SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification refocuses leaders on the fundamentals.

By arming you with simple yet powerful tools grounded in empathy, we help you get your communities listening and relating to one another again in ways that will start a profound ripple effect of positive change.

What makes SpiralMethod different from other programs?

While the barriers that keep us from truly connecting as humans continue to multiply, SpiralMethod helps get your communities listening and relating to one another again in ways that will have a profoundly positive effect on your business.

SpiralMethod is not coaching or leadership training. It’s a way of equipping dynamic leaders with simple tools to activate community, connection, and the power of collective wisdom in any group. We offer proven, high-impact practices that help you master the blended art and science of unlocking human connection—without burdensome methodologies, tests, or binders. Positive change comes quickly and sustainably through timeless, intuitive communication tools and interactive community practices grounded in empathy.

Is SpiralMethod's Team & Culture Program right for you?

Are you committed to creating a healthy company culture as a driver of growth?
Is the CEO of your company willing to actively participate in meetings and feedback loops?
Does your CEO place a high value on people and driving results through teams?
Is the CEO willing to expand their leadership skills and capacity to lead?

If you said "yes" to these questions, then SpiralMethod might be the answer.

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