Coaching for C-Level & Leadership Teams Seeking Real Change

You know that change needs to happen within your business or organization but you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to make it happen. 

Perhaps you’re spinning your wheels, just trying to keep your head above water with today’s ever-dynamic business environment, and the uncertainty of what’s next. 

It may feel like you’re spending all of your time putting out fires and dealing with issues that go back to communication breakdowns, rather than focusing on leading and developing your business or organization towards a greater mission. 

Please know that you’re not alone.

If this sounds like your life as a C-Level Executive or other group leader, you’ve come to the right place. 

Leslie Jones is a master executive coach who helps committed C-level Executives and other leaders who want to continuously improve with dramatic movement towards your end goal of productivity, happiness or success, however you’ve defined it. 

We both know the draining impacts of feeling stuck leading a toxic environment that’s infiltrated by gossip, complaints and distrust. 

You may have already tried to implement change within your team but the results weren’t dramatic or long-term. They didn’t stick. 

Despite your best intentions you’ve found them slipping back into old, unhealthy habits and you just can’t understand why. 

Want to know what’s missing? 

An outside perspective. 

As a C-level Executive or member of a leadership team you’re looking to expand potential with higher levels of productivity, happiness, and success. 

You’re desiring real change in your business or organization that not only drives financial outcomes, but also develops a strong culture within your business or organization that focuses on leading from the heart. 

Most importantly, you are seeking a balanced, holistic approach to life and business.

As a master executive coach for over 25 years, Leslie Jones has worked with thousands of senior executives and hundreds of organizations, so she already knows that you…

  • Are feeling frustrated with communication issues within your team and the prevalent dysfunction or drama within the group;
  • Are dealing with group dynamics that are causing distractions, polarization, and lost productivity;
  • Need help aligning cross-functional teams with potent communication and trust; 
  • Are afraid for what’s coming next in your business, especially given the uncertainty of today’s times; 
  • Feel stuck and perhaps even sabotaged.

“You just earned your total fee for the month in 15 minutes of conversation. Our discussion today resolved a very difficult situation with one of my employees and my plans for my ‘big event’. Sometimes I am way too close to a situation to find an answer and it became so clear to me after our discussion today. You probably saved me an employee and who knows how much money in poor performance and/or replacement costs.”

~ Tom Schmitt CFO, a Comcast Company

Take a moment to imagine…

  • A productive team that communicates well, commits to the overall goal of the organization and takes ownership of their work;  
  • A safe and trusting working environment where information flows more freely because less is withheld;
  • Everyone leaving meetings clear and more focused on what is to be done, by whom and by when;
  • An aligned, empowered and self-efficient team that collaborates together with effective and clear conversations that save time and prevent unnecessary work;
  • A work environment with the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and the ability to handle interpersonal relationships with understanding and empathy;
  • Achieving critical objectives that meet company missions in an ever-dynamic world;
  • Feeling balanced with work and life and in purpose with your greater visions and goals for the future.

The only way to get these kinds of results is to invest in yourself and your leadership skills.

What’s Included in SpiralMethod C-Level Executive & Leadership Coaching Services?  
Up to four 45-minute phone coaching sessions per month to review benchmarks for success with your team, identify new patterns of communication, and explore your team from an outside perspective to see what you’ve been missing.

(Optional: Two hour sit down face-to-face coaching sessions, in lieu of two calls.)  Access to the SpiralMethod Toolkit that will provide you with effective group facilitation tools to build trust, improve communication and bring fun back to the working environment.  Unlimited email correspondence and up to three hour of document review each month to ask further questions, get clarity or suggestions for improvement.  There will be breakout sessions for live practice sessions, so you can put what you’re learning into action. You’ll start to see that the SpiralMethod helps you get reconnected with yourself, to each other, and to something larger.  Emergency availability by texting so you can get support, advice and feedback in the moment you need it.


$15K for six months. Minimum six month commitment, 12-month is typical. 


“Personal growth… self awareness… self-confidence… and courage to explore new boundaries… those are just some of the benefits of my work with Leslie. She has a unique approach for getting to the center of complex challenges and opportunities that leaders face every day, and helping to push through those challenges. I am a stronger leader because of the opportunity to learn and grow through Leslie’s holistic coaching.”

~ Todd Nicholson, Microsoft

Our C-level Executive and Leadership Coaching Method is Based on Four Steps:

While there are four steps involved in the CEO and leadership coaching method, not all four happen in a linear fashion, and not all are needed for every situation. The approach will be based on your personal needs and goals

Discovery & Assessment: 

In the discovery and assessment stage we’ll explore benchmarks for success with your team. What’s working? What’s not working? We’ll identify new patterns of communication which will greatly help success. We’ll also explore the team from an outside view. What have you been missing?

Vision & Planning: 

In the vision and planning stage we’ll get input straight from the mouths of your team with personal discussions. This is not a top-down approach, but one that gets feedback straight from those in the trenches. The planning that happens then will come from a coaching perspective, from the team, and you, as the CEO or leader.


In the buy-in stage you’ll learn how to facilitate meetings that are designed to create new understandings, possible solutions and commitments to be made.


In the sustainability stage we’ll decide on the structures to sustain work, create and keep agreements. You’ll be encouraged to test various structures to learn which works best for your organization.

“The year I hired Leslie, I generated a 54 percent increase in total revenue; it was one of my best years ever. My goal for next year is a quantum leap - a 100 percent increase - so I have hired Leslie again this year!”

~ Rebecca Muller, Money Concepts, IN

Within our one-to-one C-level Executive and leadership coaching sessions we’ll focus on the following four factors:


We’ll focus on priorities and projects that most contribute to success in a 6 - 12 month period and letting go or postponing others for a later date.

Rebuilding Trust

You’ll learn how to create safe conditions for making, keeping and updating agreements between individuals and parts of the organization. Ultimately, as the CEO or leader you will be encouraged to model trust-building behaviors.

Potent Communications

You’ll learn how to open up your organization with robust communications that will foster collaboration, inclusiveness, faster pace and overall happiness. You’ll learn how to cultivate conversations that are more complete and direct, while the fear of being wrong is reduced.

Healthy Structures

You’ll learn how to improve processes and structural components to get work done efficiently, productively, and at sustainable higher levels of performance.

Openness to the leadership coaching process is a critical success factor. 

When we work together you’ll see that significant effort is put into the people and relationship side of your business, and the same will be true in our relationship together. 

You will achieve your target results when you communicate in advance, co-create a work plan,  truly ask for what you need or want, and show up in honesty, trust and vulnerability. 

All you need to do is show up, be willing to trust and implement the guidance you’re given, and  be open to practice and experiment. Once you do, you’ll start to see results right away. 

Want to learn more? Ready to get started?


“Working with Leslie has enhanced my day-to-day life in my relationships with everyone. It has given me more confidence in my business. And most importantly, I have an inner calm in body, mind and spirit that was not recognized before. I am looking forward to seeing all the ways this will enhance my life. Coaching offers incredible value and if you are willing to do some work and honestly open yourself up to it, the benefits will amaze you.”

~ Ed Hilston, Financial Planner, Money Concepts, NH

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