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Success and Death

Feb 26, 2020

During our recent SpiralMethod Boot Camp training, I was put on the Hot Seat. This is a communication game where everyone (in this case the Boot Camp trainees) gets to ask any question of me that they want. I don’t have to answer at all and I don’t have to answer truthfully…it’s my choice. That is part of the game. I was pretty excited to be the subject of the game because I’ve been leading it for over a decade and rarely do I get to be the one receiving the questions. Believe me, it’s actually fun and transformational to play this game!

During the game, the questions tend to follow a thread, and if it’s a “hot” one we stay on it. One of the first questions was “What intimidates you?” and one of my answers was “Successful, very put together people.” The next question was “What does success mean to you?” My answer to that was “To die without regret.” I had many other thoughts,...

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