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May 05, 2020
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My Process

Apr 06, 2020

My process

The past week was rough
I have felt grief larger than my own
A physiological response of fear for the virus (like holding my breath at the store)
A fear of what if we don’t actually change from this disruption
A relief that the “normal” way of life has stopped
A deep trust of the perfection of it all
An excitement that this is the disruption many of us have been waiting for
An intense pressure to move quickly to share the tools I have with the world

A prompt for curiosity
Is this pressure simply my own trauma response?
the one where leading helps one deal with the disruption
Or the one where we want to save people as part of our own reaction to trauma
Or keeping busy to avoid the discomfort of the collapse, the ambiguity, the stillness
(I know all of these intimately from numerous past traumas where these were my primary responses)

Or even wondering if I’m trying to leverage this opportunity to make money

Clarity this weekend

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Effective Meeting Check-ins

Mar 24, 2020

Hi, I'm Leslie Jones. I'm the creator of the groundbreaking spiral method, a holistic leadership development ecosystem for companies and communities. I've been an executive coach for about 25 years now and have worked with major corporations, small to midsize companies, CEOs, and C-suite leadership teams all around North America and the globe. I am on a mission to bridge the disconnection gap and I equip leaders with very simple tools to lead group conversations that create connection and power that are, for many people, produce the kind of results that they didn't even know was possible.

I'd like to talk about the necessity of check-ins. How do you have an effective meeting check-in? In one of the last videos that I did, I had you preparing yourself to get in the space where you are able to be calm, grounded, and be in action with intention and precision.

I want to make sure you're in that space before you go to lead your team and do a check-in because they will follow your...

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Getting Ready to Lead In Challenging Times

Mar 18, 2020

Hi, I'm Leslie Jones. I am the creator of the SpiralMethod. This is a groundbreaking leadership development ecosystem for communities and companies. I have been an executive coach and facilitator for 25 years now working with major corporations, small to midsize companies, CEOs and C-suite leadership teams. I'm on a mission to end the disconnection gap that we've found ourselves in. I teach leaders how to have group conversations that bring a level of connection and power to any group of people that brings a level of collaboration and results that we haven't even known as possible.

 Today, I want to talk about getting yourself ready to lead during these challenging times and making sure that you're ready to bring powerful leadership forward. In order to talk about moving forward, we have to acknowledge the past for a moment.

 The norm has been polarity, arguing, lots of conversation around opinions; who's right and who's wrong, unfocused attention, withdrawal, action...

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