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One Crazy Idea to guarantee a deeper connection for your family at the holidays

Dec 13, 2019

Throw a group of people together into one space, add sugar and alcohol, stress from daily life, worry about the state of the world, and plenty of passion and opinions about how to fix things. Now stir in family history and family dynamics with decades of patterning and you’ve created the perfect environment for misinterpretation, tension, stress, pretense, survival, and blow-ups. It’s a miracle we still expect to leave our holiday gatherings feeling connected and restored! Yet, most of us continue to have high hopes (often forgetting how last year ended up) and look forward to our time with family. 

Whether this explains your family to a tee, or you are one of the unique situations where your family gets along swimmingly, here’s a bold idea that will help create another level of intimacy and nourishment for all. 

Set the communication stage! 

Start out with a family meeting (could be an email announcement/invitation or even a sign on the door) upon...

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