Community. Connection.
Collective Wisdom.

At SpiralMethod, we believe in the promise of “better together.”
We quickly and efficiently equip leaders to create the kind of healthy culture and highly successful, productive teams they’ve always dreamed of, but never thought possible...until now. 

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High-Impact Practices to Unlock True Human Connection

SpiralMethod prepares and equips group facilitators to dramatically expand their capacity to affect meaningful change. Learn to quickly and easily build trust within the group, creating a path to faster decisions and achieving group goals.

SpiralMethod has thousands of success stories to our credit. Our proven, proprietary process is the result of over two decades of research and development in the field and is over 95% effective in any group or organization. 

The SpiralMethod™ Certification Program

Join the Connection Revolution

In these highly divisive times, leaders are challenged to realize the full potential of the groups they lead. With simple yet powerful tools grounded in empathy, SpiralMethod Facilitator Certification helps get your communities listening and relating to one another again in ways that will start a profound ripple effect of positive change. We offer simple, high-impact practices that help you master the blended art and science of unlocking human connection. 


SpiralMethod teaches you how to cultivate community nourishment for all members in your team, organization, or peer group to be fully seen, heard, and understood. People are craving genuine community now more than ever, and you can bring this powerful practice to the people you lead.


SpiralMethod is a simple yet profound group practice that builds swift trust and deepens connection between group members. This practice enhances collaboration and engagement, while allowing participants to be supported in asking thought-provoking questions, listening curiously, and speaking honestly.

Collective Wisdom

The true power of SpiralMethod comes from harnessing the collective wisdom of the group.

It is not possible to practice SpiralMethod alone - the group practice is designed for each participant to learn from the collective, fostering creativity and innovation to solve today's challenges together.

Company Culture Program

SpiralMethod's game-changing, three-month program is designed to produce significant, meaningful cultural change in your company. This thoughtfully curated offer has been created specifically for CEOs and their leadership teams who demonstrate both the capacity and the desire to break through to new levels of performance.

The Company Culture Program

What To Expect

Three core team outcomes from implementing the strategies used after completing the SpiralMethod programs.

Enhance Collaboration and Engagement
Cultivate Community Nourishment
Harness Collective

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The Certificate Program
The Company Culture Program